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Can you name the words that begin with 'up' and with 'down'?

Updated Mar 19, 2015

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Begins with UP
Fairytales often have this word in their opening 
Noun describing a loss to an inferior team 
Synonym for arrogant, snobbish, or snooty 
Pulitzer-winning author of 'Rabbit Run' 
20th letter of the Greek alphabet 
Stevie Wonder's '___ (Everything's Alright)' 
Slang for regurgitate 
It's hard to swim in this direction 
One of the punches in a boxer's arsenal 
Violent disturbance or disorder 
Proper nouns begin with this type of letter 
A feel-good movie might be called this 
Cloth or leather for covering chairs and sofas 
A junior or senior in high school or college 
Begins with DOWN
Surname of 'Iron Man' actor 
Hit British period drama '___ Abbey' 
No. 10 of this street houses the British PM 
To bring a file from the Internet to your computer 
Don't get caught in this without your umbrella 
Some say after 50, it's all ___ 
To reduce workers at a company 
Not the place to be when a skunk sprays 
The center or business area of a city 
To make an occurrence seem less serious 
Complete; used for emphasis ('He's ___ handsome!') 
A pipe that carries rain from a roof 
To lower the value 
The lower floor of a house 

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