Two Different Clues, Same Answer

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Can you name the one-word answer that fits the criteria of both clues?

Updated Mar 24, 2014

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A day of the week and a Daniel Defoe character
A Fantastic Four member and an Addams family member
A Shakespeare tragedy and a board game
A baby Dr. and a “Star Trek” Mr.
A typical Sousa composition and a month
One of the seven dwarfs and an Adam Sandler character
A Peanuts character and a rock festival
An Elvis singer and a Lou actor
A classical composer and a titular movie dog
A Dwarf planet and a Disney dog
A presidential surname and a PBS children’s cartoon
A U.S. state and a Harrison Ford character
A one-named rock singer and a one-named pro wrestler
A Stooge and a cable guy
A Eurasian country and a southern state
A search engine and an interjection
A dog breed and a bus company
A Spice Girl and a spice
A presidential surname and a vacuum brand
A golf shot gaffe and a J.M. Barrie captain
A cartoon squirrel and a Best Picture
An NBA team and a music genre
An Ancient Greek poet and a modern-day Simpson
A Clue(do) surname and a fruit
An unwanted email and a (unwanted?) meat product
A fireplace tool and a card game
An operatic shout of approval and a cable TV network
A U.S. coin and a “Lost in Space” Robinson
A dance and a Dickens’ character surname
A 1970s rock band and 2000s Best Picture

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