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Can you name the three-word movie titles when given the middle word and the star?

Updated Mar 28, 2016

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Middle WordMovie TitleStar
___ Wide ___Tom Cruise
___ Who's ___John Travolta
___ Golden ___Jane Fonda
___ Plains ___Clint Eastwood
___ Lisa ___Julia Roberts
___ Wild ___Will Smith
___ Under ___Denzel Washington
___ Prefer ___Marilyn Monroe
___ Force ___Harrison Ford
___ Women ___Mel Gibson
___ Will ___Matt Damon
___ Hour ___Robin Williams
___ Up ___Katharine Hepburn
___ Side ___Natalie Wood
___ Private ___Tom Hanks
___ All ___Jeff Bridges
___ Rotten ___Steve Martin
___ Hand ___Paul Newman
___ Weeks ___Sandra Bullock
___ Strings ___Natalie Portman
Middle WordMovie TitleStar
___ Getting ___Anne Hathaway
___ Born ___Woody Harrelson
___ No ___Robert De Niro
___ Don't ___Hilary Swank
___ Miss ___Abigail Breslin
___ Got ___Meg Ryan
___ About ___Bill Murray
___ Big ___Dustin Hoffman
___ Metal ___Matthew Modine
___ By ___River Phoenix
___ Day ___Al Pacino
___ Girl ___Cary Grant
___ Fair ___Audrey Hepburn
___ Left ___Daniel Day-Lewis
___ Cold ___Robert Blake
___ Can ___Warren Beatty
___ Way ___Kevin Costner
___ Glen ___ Alec Baldwin
___ John ___John Cusack
___ Easy ___Jack Nicholson

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