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Can you name the word when given the first three choices that are listed under it in the index of Roget's Thesaurus?

Updated May 18, 2013

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Roget's ChoicesWord1st Ltr (# of Ltrs)
Bookkeeper, Calculator, Financial OfficerA (10)
Medical Dressing, Strip, WrapperB (7)
Center, City, FundsC (7)
Absent Oneself, Be Destroyed, Be InvisibleD (9)
Ancestors, Antiquated Person, ChurchmanE (5)
Cereal, Whiteness, PowderF (5)
Piano, Thousand, U.S. MoneyG (5)
Paean, Sacred Music, ThanksH (4)
Entertainer, Imitator, ImpostorI (12)
Gem Stone, Green Color, Inferior HorseJ (4)
Cavalier, Chessman, CombatantK (6)
Concealed, Dormant, SecretL (6)
Beast of Burden, Hybrid, Obstinate PersonM (4)
Nozzle, Olfactory Organ, ProtuberanceN (4)
Child, Descendant, FamilyO (9)
Bird, Male Animal, StrutterP (7)
Charlatan, Impostor, Bird SoundQ (5)
Flounder, Hardness, MusicR (4)
Drum, Lure, TrapS (5)
Royal Seat, Toilet, GlorifyT (6)
Arbitrator, Judge, RefereeU (6)
Bright, Colorful, DescriptiveV (5)
Hag, Ill-Humored Woman, SorceressW (5)
Exclusiveness, Hate, PrejudiceX (10)
Cord, Lie, StoryY (4)
Believer, Enthusiast, FanaticZ (6)

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