The Year in News: 1903

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Can you name the missing word from these events that occurred in 1903?

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Edward VII of the United Kingdom is proclaimed Emperor of ___
The first west-east transatlantic ___ broadcast is made from the U.S. to England
Morris and Rose Michtom introduce the first ___ bear in the United States
Cuba leases ___ Bay to the United States 'in perpetuity'
The ___ Empire and the German Empire sign an agreement to build the Constantinople-Baghdad Railway
The first Tour de ___ bicycle race is held, won by Maurice Garin
Dr. Ernst Pfenning of Chicago becomes the first owner of a ___ Model A
Pope ___ X succeeds Pope Leo XIII as the 257th pope
The wreck of the Old ___ engine at Stillhouse Trestle kills 11 people and inspires a popular song
The first modern ___ Series is played, pitting the Pittsburgh Pirates against Boston Americans
___ proclaims itself independent from Colombia
Taj Mahal Palace & Tower hotel in the city of ___ opens its doors to guests
Orville Wright makes the first documented flight of an aircraft with a petrol engine at the town of ___ Hawk
The first box of ___ Crayons is made and sold for 5 cents; it contains 8 colors
Prussia becomes the first locality to require ___ licenses for operators of motor vehicles
Edmund Barton steps down as Prime Minister of ___ and is succeeded by Alfred Deakin
Scottish football club ___ is formed — in the 70s and 80s, they'd be managed by Alex Ferguson
Serbian King ___ Obrenović and Queen Draga are assassinated
In New York, the Martha Washington Hotel opens — the first hotel exclusively for ___
French painter Paul ___ dies on May 8.
American frontierswoman (and self-proclaimed wife of Wild Bill Hickock) ___ Jane dies
___ Duncan develops free dance, a technique influenced by ancient Greeks and Friedrich Nietzsche's philosophy
Kate Douglas Wiggin publishes her children's novel 'Rebecca of ___ Farm'
Coca-Cola removes ___ as a key ingredient from their formula

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