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Can you name the words, phrases, and titles that contain 'gas'?

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Gas___Ingrid Bergman flick
___ gasUsed to flush out criminals
Gas ___Worn when flushing out criminals
Gas ___Car that gets low MPG
___ gasNitrous oxide
Gas, ___, ___Ione Skye flick...or highway sign
___ gasesHelium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon
Gas-___Leading OTC gas reliever
___ gasProduced by decaying plants in wet grounds
Gas___ ___Nickname for '34 St. Louis Cardinals
___ gasSaid to contribute to global warming
___ ___ gas!Speed up now!
___ gasSkin-blistering agent first used in WWI
___ ___ gasPooped. exhausted
___ gasRhyming verb for flatulence
___ gasOften used to grill burgers and hot dogs

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