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Can you name the colors of the things below related to movie characters?

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Indiana Jones' jacket
Darth Vader lightsaber beam
Bullitt's Mustang
Carrie's prom dress
Thor's cape
Bond's Aston Martin (Goldfinger)
J.D.'s (Brad Pitt) hat in Thelma & Louise
Elliott's hoodie (E.T.)
Flowers in bathtub (American Beauty)
Alex's bowler hat (Clockwork Orange)
Walt Kowalski's (Clint Eastwood) Gran Torino
Hilts' (Steve McQueen) T-shirt (Great Escape)
Inspector Clouseau's (Peter Sellers) hat
Joker's jacket (Dark Knight)
Dorothy's dress (Wizard of Oz)
Drago's (Dolph Lundgren) boxing shorts (Rocky)
Dr. Brown's Delorean (Back to the Future)
Stanely Ipkiss' suit (The Mask)
Buddy's tights (Elf)
Gunslinger's (Yul Brynner) hat (Westworld)
Seymour's (Robin Williams) vest (1 Hour Photo)
Mighty Ducks' uniforms
Wall-e's body casing
Wayne Campbell's T-shirt (Wayne's World)
Borat's suit
Robbie Hart's suit (Wedding Singer)
Dick Tracy's coat
Sheldon's Smoochy outfit (Death to Smoochy)
Oompa Loompa's hair (Willie Wonka)
Average Joe's uniforms (Dodgeball)
Jim Stark's jacket (Rebel without a Cause)
Linda's (Phoebe Cates) bikini (Fast Times)
Ralphie's bunny pajamas (Christmas Story)
Durham Bulls' baseball caps
Dr. Frank-N-Furter's panties (Rocky Horror)
Twin girls' dresses (The Shining)
Tony Manero's suit (Saturday Night Fever)
Chucky's overalls (Child's Play)
Pee-Wee's bow tie
Bad News Bears' baseball caps
Raymond and Charlie's casino suits (Rain Man)
Max Fischer's beret (Rushmore)

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