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Salazar gazed into his crystal ball to learn if he would unrobe Witch Edwina at the Sorcerer's Ball.
'Ouch! Uck!' Uvula spat upon taking a bite of the cactus-liver souffle.
An incensed Angina shrieked, 'Ho! Use those shoes to walk you fanny outta this hotel!'
Mrs. Strudel hopes she gets Martee to don the pink thong bikini for the spelling bee.
Blondie and Archie, hiding in the chip aisle, watched Bubba Theapp rent ice at the Gas 'n' Go.
'Tracy, Bill, and Millicent,' chirped the bird-watch guide, 'you'll rarely see a pecker with such plumage.'
Stella Lawton once again proved herself to be an intimidating force in the bratwurst-eating contest.
Armstead felt very strongly that the eBay Watch List was the best invention of the computer age.
'There's not orthoclase IN feldspar,' Professor Ribbery corrected Wim. 'Orthoclase IS feldspar.'
'In order not to offend,' instructed Ms. Etiquette, 'one must dab one's mouth gently with the napkin.'
Bertram informed his mums, 'Gonorrhea is the lass I envision one day snogging.'
Neddy the neighborly nomad mended surly Bob's wounded pigeon free of charge.
In the mid-Middle Ages, there was a chasm all villeins felt between themselves and their feudal lords.
Brubaker tossed his best ax in the wagon and headed off for his showdown with the Sewer Demon.
Darlene covered the phone and asked, 'How much do you owe Ed's mother for rubbing gramp's feet?'
Never one to miss an opportunity, Blythe ate amy's BLT while she was searching for her contact.
Leonard guessed there were 1,230 rocks in the bathtub at the geology fair.
'You'd best give the plants a mist ere Dr. Fremont returns from the hunt,' suggested Ms. Pollyp.
Eunice didn't know what jingle Estelle was using in the corned beef ad.
Taking umbrage at the accusation his tattoo was fake, Bruno mashed a cocktail onion in Sedwick's eye.

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