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Can you name the terms that have been incorrectly spelled creating an unintended meaning?

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They Meant:Misspelled TermThey Spelled:
A relativeA large insect
A habitual murdererA breakfast food murderer
A Great LakeA creepy lake
Saying so long to your female parentTo purchase your female parent
A bed on a locomotiveHad a baby on a locomotive
The group that runs a school systemTired of or uninterested in school
A party to honor a soon-to-be wed womanLeather horse bands falling down from the sky
Practical judgmentOrdinary pennies
An electric cookerA container for storing a large reptile
A person from whom you can buy novelsAn underground room for storing novels
The best time of youthConfusion caused by lettuce tossed with dressing
One who hunts a buck or doeOne who hunts someone they love
Three brothers and five sistersDined on brothers and sisters
A bad smellA chicken-like smell
Having reached adulthoodA complete moan
A seat where a baby eats foodSaying hello to a seat
Pressed the dough prior to bakingHad to have rye, wheat, white, or pumpernickel
On the runAtop a baby sheep
A dish made of raw beefA dish made of raw tent spike
A dried pea separated in halvesTo separate or cut urine

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