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Can you name the companies, stores, and products that go by a person's name?

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Clue'Name' Brand
President Carter's brother lent his name to this Falls City Brewing product
This restaurant, known for coffee and doughnuts, is named after its pro hockey-playing founder
This spirits company is named after the inventor of 'white' rum
This auto company's founder is credited with creating the assembly line
While Alvah Roebuck's name is still in this retailer's official title, you rarely see it anymore
Founder Michael began this computer hardware company in his Univ. of Texas dorm room
In 1847, this company's namesake launched what would become Canada's largest beer company
This cosmetics giant, known for pink Cadillacs, puts its founder's first and middle names on products
This company's 'King' is popularly (and erroneously) known as the inventor of the safety razor
This animator, filmmaker, and entrepreneur gave his name to an entire world in Orlando
Before putting his name on candy bars and this company, he opened a Philly candy shop that failed
This company's founders chose 31 ice cream flavors to have one for every day of the month
This tractor brand's founder was a blacksmith who began by making shovels and pitchforks
This aerospace and defense firm takes the name of the aviation pioneer who formed it in 1915
This popular discount broker was called First Commander before taking its founder's name
This guitar maker, known for its Les Paul model, goes by the last name of its founder
This global pharmaceutical giant still uses the full name of the chemist who started it in 1876
Helen Schelle, who helped found this toy maker, might not be pleased it's named for two men
Founder Max originally started this department store chain as a supermarket in Wisconsin
This mail-order clothier goes by the initials and surname of an avid fisherman and hunter

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