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Can you name the correct word in these movie titles to replace the word that has been altered?

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Slightly WrongMovie
Tasing Amy
Dangerous Lesions
Das Boob
Scent of a Womb
Bag the Dog
The Hurt Licker
The Seventh Eel
Talk to Herb
Weenie Todd
White Meat
Dad Santa
Dumb Yankees!
Blood Sample
Kings of Desire
Chariots of Fur
Moan Lisa
Out of Paprika
The French Confection
Last Mango in Paris
Cries and Whimpers
Slightly WrongMovie
La Dolce Pita
Wild Brunch
Pimping Tom
Touch of Weasel
Shrek Corridor
Leo Bravo
The Munificent Ambersons
Sullivan's Travails
The Ox-Cow Incident
Fat People
Kind Hearts and Clarinets
Here Comes Air Jordan
The 39 Stumps
Angels with Dirty Feces
The Scarlet Pimple
Aguirre, Wrist of God
The Public Enema
The Dirty Cousin
Fender in the Grass
Spritz the Cat

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