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Can you name the word that ends Movie #1 and begins Movie #2?

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Movie #1WordMovie #2
Soylent ______ Lantern
Air Force ______ Million Years B.C.
Cabin ______ Pitch
The Other Boleyn ______, Interrupted
Date ______ of the Living Dead
The Magnificent ______ Samurai
The Scorpion ______ Arthur
Lady in ______ House Down
Live and Let ______ Another Day
Dear ______ Q
Matchstick ______ of Honor
Touch of ______ Dead
Mother, Jugs & ______ Racer
Apollo ______ Going on 30
The Good ______ of the Mask
A Time to ______ Your Darlings
Detroit Rock ______ Slickers
National ______ Island
Meet Joe ______ Snake Moan
Eight Men ______ of Sight
Movie #1WordMovie #2
The School of ______ of Ages
In the Name of the ______ of the Bride
Blackbeard's ______ World
Casualties of ______ Horse
Top ______ Shy
Animal ______ of 1000 Corpses
Secret ______ Cody Banks
Bringing Up ______ Mama
Grand ______ Rwanda
Pink Floyd the ______ Street
Dancer in the ______ Shadows
Peeping ______ Jones
End of ______ of Thunder
Earth Girls Are ______ Rider
From Paris with ______ Actually
This Boy's ______ of Brian
The Great ______ from New York
Life Is ______ Creatures
Das ______ Camp
Into the ______ at Heart

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