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Can you name the things below that have the same word twice in a row?

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DefinitionWord Word
Toy with string
Vanilla Ice song '___ ___ Baby'
Another name for miniature golf
A way of saying 'so long'
Yogi Bear's little buddy
Average, okay, tolerable
Simon Le Bon's band
Mr. Incredible's youngest
Lollipop brand
Jim Carrey movie
Matt Johnson's alt band
High-kicking line dance
Candy, often robed in chocolate
Name for '60s table-dancing girls
Small drum beaten with hands
DefinitionWord Word
Business slang for 'bottom line'
Leroy Brown descriptor
Fussy or showy dress or ornamentation
Something unacceptable or slang for 'no-hitter'
Indie rockers the ___ ___ Dolls
Barney and Betty Rubble's son
1982 Al Pacino film
Figure skater Starbuck (former Mrs. Bradshaw)
Maximum security prison in Ossining, NY
'Who's there?'-type joke
Pro golfer Rodriguez
Equal chance of winning or losing
Positive result for both: ___-___ situation
Child's adjective for a train
Faulkner novel

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