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Can you name the words that begin with either a hard CH or a soft CH?

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December 25 
Personal attractiveness that helps one influence others 
Well-diguised lizard 
Willy Loman. Vito Corleone. Carrie Bradshaw. 
Reeve. Lee. Walken. Columbus. 
Often a treatment for cancer 
Church singing group 
A team working well together is said to have this 
Opposite of order? 
Chemical element with the symbol Cl 
200, 300, and Town & Country automaker 
Arranged according to temporal order 
Extremely deep crack 
Three or more musical notes played together 
Martha Graham is a famous one 
King. Queen. Pawn. Rook. Bishop. Knight. 
Often these are the to-do's on a to-do list 
Signify completed items on a to-do list 
Condiment containing fruits, vinegar, sugar & spices 
Mae West and W.C. Fields in 'My Little ___' 
Said to be the fastest land animal 
Dog breed famous for '¡Yo quiero Taco Bell!' 
Where a flue is found 
A country or ceramic ware 
Eating utensil from country above? 
Facial feature (not the chin!) 
Dickens. Darwin. Schulz. Lindbergh. 
Sore from rubbing together 
Premier League team known as the Blues 
Tool behind a Texas massacre 

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