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Can you name the words that begin with either a hard CH or a soft CH?

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December 25 
Personal attractiveness that helps one influence others 
Well-diguised lizard 
Willy Loman. Vito Corleone. Carrie Bradshaw. 
Reeve. Lee. Walken. Columbus. 
Often a treatment for cancer 
Church singing group 
A team working well together is said to have this 
Opposite of order? 
Chemical element with the symbol Cl 
200, 300, and Town & Country automaker 
Arranged according to temporal order 
Extremely deep crack 
Three or more musical notes played together 
Martha Graham is a famous one 
King. Queen. Pawn. Rook. Bishop. Knight. 
Often these are the to-do's on a to-do list 
Signify completed items on a to-do list 
Condiment containing fruits, vinegar, sugar & spices 
Mae West and W.C. Fields in 'My Little ___' 
Said to be the fastest land animal 
Dog breed famous for '¡Yo quiero Taco Bell!' 
Where a flue is found 
A country or ceramic ware 
Eating utensil from country above? 
Cheddar. Pepperjack. Blue 
Dickens. Darwin. Schulz. Lindbergh. 
Sore from rubbing together 
Premier League team known as the Blues 
Tool behind a Texas massacre 

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