Half n Half: Solo Artists

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Can you name the other half of the two-word song title and solo music artist's name?

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Jessie's Rick
I'm Alice
Private Tina
Rebel David
Fast Tracy
Miss Kelly
Red Peter
Gold Kanye
Poker Lady
American Don
Maggie Rod
Sweet Neil
Hollaback Gwen
Blueberry Fats
Piano Billy
Penny Lionel
Heartbreak Elvis
Careless George
Oliver's Elvis
Travelin' Ricky
Instant John
Splish Bobby
Super Rick
Dirty Don
Straight Paula
Peggy Buddy
Rebel Billy
Maggie's Bob
Rhythm Janet
Tupelo Van
Crocodile Elton
Wide Katy
Tutti Little
True Cyndi
Sexual Marvin
Pony Chubby
Handy James
Last Donna
Hungry Bruce
Redemption Bob

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