Half n Half: Rock Bands

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Can you name the other half of the two-word song title and rock band's name?

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Every Sugar
Dream Cheap
Float Modest
Get Daft
Runaway Soul
No Blind
Don't No
Comfortably Pink
Chasing Snow
Monkey Foo
Karma Culture
Don't Fleetwood
Personal Depeche
Hey Gin
Brian Barenaked
Jane Jane's
White Jefferson
Sister Night
Blue New
21 Green
Hells AC
That Lynyrd
Two Spin
Immigrant Led
Kool Sonic
Even Pearl
Radar Golden
Oxford Vampire
Psycho Talking
Talk Talk
Bad Bad
Tainted Soft
Iron Black
Dr. Mötley
Dance Roxy
Deacon Steely
Macho Village
All Smash
Chocolate Crowded

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