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Can you name the colors of the things below from cartoons, comics, and animated shows/films?

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Shaggy's shirt (Scooby Doo)
SpongeBob's tie
Mr. Potato Head's shoes (Toy Story)
Cindy Lou Who's pajamas
Incredible Hulk's pants
Charlie Brown's shirt
Fred Flintstone's tie
Yogi Bear's tie
George Jetson's pants
Tinkerbell's dress
Winnie the Pooh's shirt
Popeye's hat
Bow on Eeyore's tail
Mr. Incredible's boots
Judy Jetson's hair
Barney Rubble's 'clothes'
Fred's ascot (Scooby Doo)
Marge Simpson's hair
Peter Griffin's pants
Snow White's skirt
Underdog's cape
Ariel's 'shell bra' (Little Mermaid)
Fat Albert's shirt
Johnny Bravo's shirt
Kyle's hat (South Park)
Cinderella's ball dress
Huckleberry Hound's bow tie
Rocky's aviator cap (Bullwinkle)
Tweety's feet
Dopey's hat (Snow White)
Theodore's sweater (Chipmunks)
Jughead's hat (Archie)
Wendy Witch's hat (Casper)
Linus' blanket
Inspector Gadget's trenchcoat
Stimpy's nose (Ren & Stimpy)
Hermie the elf's coat (Rudolph)
Hank Hill's shirt (King of the Hill)
Daphne's tights (Scooby Doo)
Jessica Rabbit's dress (Roger Rabbit)
'C' on Captain Crunch's hat
Kim Possible's shirt

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