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Can you name the phrases that contain the word 'but' when given synonyms for the other words?

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Soundless but lethal
Peculiar but factual
View but refrain from feeling
Saucy but polite
Zippo but the strings hanging from the basketball rim
Everything but finished
But earnestly, you group of people
Bulbs are aglow but the residence is vacant
Lots are summoned but a small number are picked
A thing of any kind, but deeply emotional attraction
Dire but not-getting-worse state of being
Departed but still in the memory banks
Final but not the most unimportant
Completely done but the yelling
Inclusive of everything but moniker
All items but the meal-preparing-room water basin
Absence of anything but mischievousness
But which person's tabulating?
All other places but this place
Apart but equivalent

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