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Can you name the people whose last name begins with N when given their Biography Channel profiles?

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Biography Channel Profile'N' Person
He was a Russian novelist and critic known for the intricate literary devices employed in such novels as 'Lolita.'
A pioneer in the field of consumer advocacy, he is a a four-time U.S. Presidential candidate.
He was the inventor of basketball.
Nicknamed 'Broadway Joe,' he was a U.S. football quarterback who in his third season with the New York Jets threw for a record 4,007 yards.
A Czech-born women's tennis star, she was one of the world's top tennis players in the world in the 1970s and 1980s.
He is an Irish actor known for his strong leading-man roles and for his role as Qui-Gon Jinn in the prequel to 'Star Wars.'
He is an American country singer-songwriter, actor, and activist. He reached his greatest fame during the 1970s, and remains an American pop icon.
He became the 5th Roman Emperor at 17, after his mom poisoned the competition. He then put her to death, and pursued his love of theater.
He was an American Prohibition agent, famous for serving as the leader of a legendary team of law enforcement agents nicknamed the Untouchables.
He is an American singer, songwriter, and film composer best known for such songs as 'Short People,' 'I Love L.A.,' and 'Mama Told Me Not to Come.'
Biography Channel Profile'N' Person
A film, stage, and TV actress, she played Catwoman in the 1960’s TV series 'Batman.' She was also in the musical film 'Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.'
An English physicist and mathematician, he is most famous for his work on gravity and was instrumental in the scientific revolution of the 17th century.
A singer and songwriter, she is known for her work with Fleetwood Mac as well as for her solo career.
He is an actor who has played Spock in both the 1960s TV series 'Star Trek' and several movies based on the show.
He was the 37th President of the U.S. and first to resign his position when he assisted in a cover-up of illegal activity in the Watergate scandal.
She is the former wife of Tiger Woods, and mother to his two children.
He was the military ruler of Panama who ran a corrupt puppet government there until the United States drove him out in 1990.
A former deputy-director of the National Security Council, he was implicated in the Iran-Contra affair and forced to resign. Charges were cleared in 1990.
He believed that he could predict the future and published his predictions in The Prophecies. Some believe they have or will come true.
He fronted the band Amboy Dukes in the 1970s. He has produced solo work since 1977, including the very successful 'Cat Scratch Fever.'

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