Punk Band or B-Movie?

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Can you name the clues as being a punk band (enter B) or B-movie (enter M)?

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CluePunk Band (B) or B-Movie (M)?
Sisters of Death
Radioactive Dreams
The Boogens
Good Riddance
Bloodhound Gang
Bad Brains
Mission of Burma
Body Count
Neon Maniacs
Flying Guillotine
Six-String Samurai
Flogging Molly
Puppet Master
Rock'n with Satan
Left Alone
CluePunk Band (B) or B-Movie (M)?
The Lurkers
Street Trash
Soul Vengeance
Gator Bait
Dead Kennedys
Teenage Catgirls in Heat
The Dead Milkmen
Galactic Gigolo
The Suicide Machines
Disco Godfather
The Unseen
Eating Raoul
Bus Station Loonies
Stiff Little Fingers

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