Missing Word: Animals in Words

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Can you name the words that have an animal in them but don't refer to an actual animal?

Featured Aug 18, 2011

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DefinitionAnimal Word
A dance where slow steps are followed by fast ones: ___trot
Persistent nagging, especially by a wife: ___peck
To fit or come together skillfully or nicely: ___tail
Awkwardly shy or ashamed: ___ish
A handheld loudspeaker: ___horn
A tuft of hair that grows in its own direction: ___lick
Deep-fried pastries, usually at carnivals or fairs: ___ Ears
Synonym for cleft lip: ___lip
A type of grass you don't want on your lawn: ___grass
Fearful of falling stock market prices: ___ish
Experiencing bad luck or an inability to succeed: ___bit
Unit for measuring a car engine's power: ___power
A hand tool with adjustable jaws for turning nuts: ___ Wrench
DefinitionAnimal Word
A snitch or informer to the police: Stool ___
A player on a team who doesn't pass: Ball ___
A professional card player who cheats to win: Card ___
Wrinkles at the corners of the eyes: ___'s Feet
One who arrives before something begins: Early ___
A person who practically lives at the gym: Gym ___
Metal tweezers to hold a joint: ___ Clip
Tiny lumps on skin from fright or cold: ___ Bumps
A person or thing that is awesome: ___'s Knees
Stamped letters: ___ Mail
Perennial with reddish-orange, black-spotted flowers: ___ Lily
Reedlike plant with brown, fuzzy, cylindrical flower spikes: ___tail
A tree or shrub with large pink or white flowers: ___wood

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