Best Actress in the Middle

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Can you name the Academy Award-winning Best Actress who comes alphabetically between the two other winners?

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Best ActressesActress in the Middle
Jessica Tandy, _________, Charlize Theron
Audrey Hepburn, _________, Judy Holliday
Luise Rainer, _________, Ginger Rogers
Mary Pickford, _________, Luise Rainer
Joan Fontaine, _________, Greer Garson
Shirley Booth, _________, Ellen Burstyn
Kathy Bates, _________, Halle Berry
Simone Signoret, _________, Sissy Spacek
Faye Dunaway, _________, Louise Fletcher
Sissy Spacek, _________, Barbra Streisand
Barbra Streisand, _________, Jessica Tandy
Helen Hunt, _________, Glenda Jackson
Jessica Lange, _________, Sophia Loren
Emma Thompson, _________, Reese Witherspoon
Jennifer Jones, _________, Grace Kelly

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