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Can you name the actresses when given these 'mega-titles' made from words in their movie titles?

Updated Dec 30, 2013

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Alien Gorillas Living Dangerously in the Holes of Half Moon Village
The Manhattan Godfather and Club Drummer Love Marvin's Lemon Hall Interiors
How There's No Jungle Love to Marry the Hot Millionaire Blondes
The Runaway Sweethearts Talk Pelican Pizza with America's Pretty Mexican Stepmom
The Infamous Mr. Love Running with Captain Hard from Emma the Shallow Pallbearer
Rosemary's Great Radio Sex Stories Coming on Broadway in September
When Sleepless Leopold and the French Woman Kiss Against the Volcano
Five Taxi Foxes Panic and Contact the Accused Anna Lambs
The Lowdown Truth About Dangerous Pulp Cowgirls Volume 2
Pushing Mr. & Mrs. Bone Beyond the Mighty Good Salt Tomb
All About That Certain Jezebel Housewife Who Happened to Love Bondage
The Freaky Halloween Fish Trading Places with the Fierce Terror Chihuahua
Sleeping 28 Days While Steve Forces Speed on the Blind Miss Ya-Ya
The Barefoot Cat and Old Horseman Chase After Agnes Syndrome on Monster Horses
Freddie Darko Got 50 Parts of Wedding Girls Into Charlie's Side Car
Jack and Sister Sister Flash the Ghost of Corrina Purple
Who's Afraid of Father's Giant Velvet Elephant Shrew?
Miss Arizona Raising Thirteen Simple Men Around the Piano
The Natural Attraction of Venus Nobbs to Cookie's Big Dalmatians
Hitchcock Bought the Long Lost Diaries of the Eight Legged Zoo Nanny

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