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Can you name the Academy Award-winning Best Actor who comes alphabetically between the two other winners?

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ActorsActor in the Middle
Jamie Foxx, _________, Alec Guinness
Yul Brynner, _________, James Cagney
Robert Benigni, _________, Ernest Borgnine
Gene Hackman, _________, Richard Harrison
Bing Crosby, _________, Daniel Day-Lewis
Ernest Borgnine, _________, Jeff Bridges
Ronald Colman, _________, Broderick Crawford
Peter Finch, _________, Henry Fonda
William Holden, _________, William Hurt
Paul Newman, _________, David Niven
Daniel Day-Lewis, _________, Robert Donat
Charlton Heston, _________, Philip Seymour Hoffman
Jon Voigt, _________, John Wayne
Robert Donat, _________, Richard Dreyfuss
Laurence Olivier, _________, Gregory Peck

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