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Can you name the following 50 items as being less than or greater than 50?

Featured Jun 11, 2013

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FactoidL or G?
Weeks in a year
Total sports in the Summer and Winter Olympics
Countries in the 2010 Winter Olympics
MLB players with 3,000 hits
World Series appearances by the Yankees
Seasons Alex Ferguson managed Manchester United
Plays written by Shakespeare
Novels published by Agatha Christie
Mark Twain's age when 'Huck Finn' was published
Countries with 20,000,000+ populations
U.S. cities with 500,000+ populations
Countries in Europe
Countries in Africa
Average annual rainfall in London (inches)
Elvis Presley #1 Billboard Hits
Number of Disney animated feature films
Number of Pixar films
Calories in the average banana
Prime numbers below 400
U.S. Declaration of Independence signers
Total number of U.S. presidents
Age Hitler became Führer
Age Churchill became Prime Minister (first time)
Age Franklin Roosevelt became President
Number of times 128 goes into 6656
FactoidL or G?
Centimeters in 18 inches
Teeth in a great white shark
Eggs a chicken lays in a year
Number of human vertebrae
Elevation of Mount Everest thousands of feet
Millions of miles between Earth and the Sun
Ounces in a quart
Carats in pure gold
JFK's age when assassinated
Lee Harvey Oswald's age when he assassinated JFK
Jack Ruby's age when he killed Lee Harvey Oswald
Post-season games coached by Bill Belichick
NCAA tourney games coached by Mike Krzyzewski
Average number of baseballs used in an MLB game
Countries with a Starbucks location
IKEA stores in the United States
Women who have been governor of a U.S. state
'VALUE' in Scrabble with Double Word Score
Varieties of apples grown commercially in U.S.
Lifeboats on the Titanic
Pyramids in Egypt
Beads in a Catholic rosary
Average age of inmates in a U.S. federal prison
Average number of friends on Facebook
Weight of a keg of beer (pounds)

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