X-Men Age Of Apocalypse teams

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Can you name the X-Men Age Of Apocalypse teams?

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Generation Next
The Outcasts
X-Men (Contunued)
X-Men Allies
New Mutants
Human High Council
Human High Council agents
The Underground
The Brotherhood of Chaos (Brotherhood of Mutants)
Inhuman Strike Force
Bounty Hunters
Elite Mutant Force
Enslavers of Seattle Core
Horsemen of Apocalypse
The Madri
The Pale Riders
Altered Humans (The Reavers)
wardens in Apocalypse's prisoner camps in Mexico
assassin sent by Apocalypse to eliminate the Human High Council
Mikhail Rasputin's personal warden
Apocalypse's majordomo
Apocalypse's leading telepath
Implanted with a bomb and forced to serve Apocalypse
He appears to be currently at large and wanted by the X-Men for the part he played in the empire of Apocalypse
Created by Sinister in his genetic processing tanks
Avalon (the Savage Land)
The Brood
Mr. Sinister's breeding pen prisoners
human prisoner aboard Mikhail Rasputin's ships
Leader of a band of pirates
A scientist and astronomer captured by Apocalypse and forced to serve as his librarian
Captain of the submarine Excalibur that transports refugees to Avalon
Leader of Ghost Dance
An information broker
A victim of Sugar Man's plague experiment
In her wild wolf form

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