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1951The Major / Arnold Fringe
1952Major Bloodnok
1954Pvt. Goffin
1955Constable Diamond
1955Harry (Mr. Robinson)
1957Percy Quill
1957Sonny MacGregor
1958CPO Doherty
1959Prime Minister Amphibulos
1959Duchess Gloriana / Rupert Mountjoy / Tully Bascombe
1959Fred Kite / Sir John Kennaway
1959Mr. Martin
1960Dodger Lane
1960Lionel Meadows
1960Dr. Ahmed el Kabir
1961Title Role
1962John Lewis
1962Gen. Leo Fitzjohn
1962Clare Quilty
1962Wilfred Morgenhall
1963Pearly Gates
1963Rev. John Smallwood
1963Jacques Clouseau
1964Lionel Mandrake / Pres. Merkin Muffley / Title Role
1964Title Role
1964Jacques Clouseau
1965Dr. Fritz Fassbender
1966Dr. Pratt
1966Aldo Vanucci
1967James Bond / Evelyn Tremble
1967Juan Bautista
1968Hrundi V. Bakshi
1969Sir Guy Grand
1970Title Role
1970Salesman (as 'A. Queen')
1970Robert Danvers
1972Dr. Albert T. Hopfnagel
1972The March Hare
1973Dick Scratcher
1974General Latour / Adolf Hitler / Major Robinson / 3 others
1974Queen Victoria
1975Jacques Clouseau
1976Sidney Wang
1976Jacques Clouseau
1978Jacques Clouseau
1979Rudolf IV & V / Syd Frewin
1980Dennis Nayland Smith / Title Role

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