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It's only teenage wasteland
Girl with kaleidoscope eyes
A cup of ambition
Valentine is done... here
Bustle in your hedgerow
Careless with a delicate
Despite all my rage
Harry Truman, Doris Day
Plowmen dig my earth
You goofing on Elvis
Pray help from above
A mosquito! My libido!
Never caught a rabbit
Narrow streets of cobblestone
Reminds me of childhood
We got no principles
On horses snorting fire
Arizona, moved to Babylonia
Can't build our dreams
Spoke in class today
Hypocrite smokes two packs
The 21st Century's yesterday
A hookah smoking caterpillar
Zero zero party over
Heart full of darkness
Thirteen month old baby
Your mind tricked you
Nurses all gathered 'round
You trade your passion
February made me shiver

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