The Legend of Zelda Races

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Can you name the each of the Legend of Zelda series characters' races?

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Character or PopulationRaceGame present
Inhabitants of Zuna Village Four Swords Adventures
Ooccoo Jr. Twilight Princess
King Gustaf The Minish Cap
Inhabitants of Minish Woods The Minish Cap
Darmani Majora's Mask
King Zora Ocarina of Time
Prince Ralis Twilight Princess
Inhabitants of Goron Isle Phantom Hourglass
Link (usually) Various
Inhabitants of Forest Haven The Wind Waker
Inhabitants of Kokiri Forest Ocarina of Time
Mikau Majora's Mask
Deku King Majora's Mask
Aroo Phantom Hourglass
Koume and Kotake (Twinrova) Ocarina of Time
Queen Rutela Twilight Princess
King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule The Wind Waker
Fado Ocarina of Time
King Mutoh Phantom Hourglass
Vaati Four Swords, Four Swords Adventures, The Minish Cap
Tatl Majora's Mask
Deku Butler Majora's Mask
Aryll The Wind Waker
Inhabitants of Ikana Canyon Majora's Mask
Biggoron Various
Inhabitants of Labrynna's seafloor Oracle of Ages
Kayo Phantom Hourglass
Character or PopulationRaceGame present
Impa Various
Princess Ruto Ocarina of Time
Ooccoo Twilight Princess
Celia Phantom Hourglass
Nabooru Ocarina of Time
Fado The Wind Waker
Inhabitants of the Twilight Realm Twilight Princess
Medli The Wind Waker
Inhabitants of Isle of Frost (east) Phantom Hourglass
Inhabitants of Pirate's Fortress Majora's Mask
Darbus Twilight Princess
Noabode Phantom Hourglass
King Daltus The Minish Cap
Inhabitants of the Desert of Doubt Four Swords Adventures
Princess Zelda Various
Inhabitants of Subrosia Oracle of Seasons
Saria Ocarina of Time
Darunia Ocarina of Time
Ganondorf Various
Deku Princess Majora's Mask
Gentari The Minish Cap
Medigoron Ocarina of Time
Midna Twilight Princess
Hollo The Wind Waker
Neri Phantom Hourglass
Inhabitants of Zora's Domain Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess
Inhabitants of Isle of Frost (west) Phantom Hourglass
Laruto The Wind Waker
Character or PopulationRaceGame present
Navi Ocarina of Time
The Indigo-Gos Majora's Mask
Inhabitants of Rolling Ridge Oracle of Ages
Inhabitants of Mt. Crenel The Minish Cap
Inhabitants of Crescent Island Oracle of Ages
Leaf Phantom Hourglass
Tael Majora's Mask
Astrid Phantom Hourglass
Mido Ocarina of Time
Inhabitants of Gerudo Valley Ocarina of Time
Makar The Wind Waker
Rosa Oracle of Seasons
Komali The Wind Waker
Librari The Minish Cap
Aveil Majora's Mask
Inhabitants of Mt. Cucco Oracle of Seasons
Inhabitants of Deku Palace Majora's Mask
Ezlo The Minish Cap
Inhabitants of Dragon Roost Island The Wind Waker
Inhabitants of the City in the Sky Twilight Princess
Gongoron Phantom Hourglass
Inhabitants of Great Bay Majora's Mask
Zant Twilight Princess
Melari The Minish Cap
Rito Cheiftain The Wind Waker
Inhabitants of Death Mountain Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, Four Swords Adventures

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