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Can you name the Prophets/Messiahs/Saviors of several Religions?

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Considered by Christians to be the Son of God
Prophet in the Judaic faith, also an important figure in other Abrahamic religions
Important figure and servant of God's will in the Judaic, Christian, and Muslim faith's
Founder of the Muslim faith
Founder of the Buddhist faith
Founder of Babism and central figure of the Baha'i faith
Founder of the Baha'i faith
Founder of the Mormon faith
Founder of Confucianism
Established many of the Jainism tenets
Founder of the Sikh faith
One of the founders of the Druze faith
Founder of Zoroastrianism
Considered by many to be the founder of Taoism/Daoism
Founded by Anton LaVey
Founder of Scientology

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