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Mario's first damsel
Fire Power Plant
Mushroom Enemy
Blumiere's 'Copying' Bad Guy
Beanbean Prince
Mario Party 8 MC
Mushroom's Wife
Skeleton King Koopa
Super Item
DK's nephew's girlfriend
Water Dinosaur
Cube flattener
Blumiere's 'Tough' Bad Guy
Blumiere's Better Known As...
Comet Princess
Rectangle flattener
Butterfly Pixl
Fish Enemy
Crazy Inventor
Funky Monkey
Flying Explosive
Green Dinosaur
Cloud Enemy
Masked Enemy
Ghost King
Celebrity Ghost Actress
Mushroom Buddy
MC's hat's Name
X-Naut leader
Giant Plant Boss
Monkey's nephew
Brother Plumber
Frog King
Butterfly Buddy
Vulture Enemy in Mario 64
Bomb Enemy
Red Plumber
Green Hat Baby
Blumiere's Assistant
Egg Shooter Enemy
Horned Turtle
Flying Mushroom
King Koopa's Assistant
X-Naut Captain
Crab Boss
Master of Dimentions
King Koopa
Mario opposite
Mushroom Kingdom Princess
Water Squirting Machine
Sarasaland Princess
Bowser's son
Magic Turtle
Skeleton Turtle
Mario's 1st archenemy
Lazer shooting Robot
Orange Dress Baby
Hammer Turtles
Big Tropical Buddies
Dog Enemy
Red Hat Baby
Super Mario Monkeys
Mole Enemy
Turtle enemy
Beanbean Kingdom Witch
Star Children
Plant Enemy
Mushroom Elder
Caterpillar Enemy
Squid Enemy
Pink Dress Baby
Luigi opposite
Flying Turtle

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