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what is witchcraft first law?
when you cast a circle what happends inside?
a male is not called what?
what id the three fold law?
witches dont worship or believe in?
What race of witches were consider most harmfull?
what does the witches symbol look like describe?
what are there holidays called?
what do witches believe in?
witchcraft is a religion protected by which amendments?
what is mother earth represented by?
which state had the most witch trails in 1692?
what type of religion is witchcraft?
what is the four elements of life?
where is warlock?
what gender of witches had a few rights and had to obey the opposite sex?
god is seen in what?
what is the witches symbol called?
what did most women witches have for company?
wiccans cerlebrate the birth of the?
what centuries did most of the witch trails occur?
when is mother nature's fertile half?
people gennerally accused of medieval witchcraft usalloy are what?
what does warlock mean?
what does the top point on the star means?
what does the circle represent?
in what year did english make witchcraft a capital crime?
what does witchcraft means?
where does wiccans meet?
How many witches were accuse within a 100year time pierod?

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