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If a person conducts one or more transaction in currency in any amount, at one or more financial institutions, for the purpose of evading CTR filing requirements.
The process of disguising the proceeds of a predicate offense through the movement of funds.
Deliberate avoidance of knowledge of the facts or purposeful indifference.
A legal document outlining the terms and details of an agreement between parties, including each parties requirements and responsibilities.
An order given by a government administrative agency or the courts to stop any suspicious or illegal activities.
Crime of purpose, usually for publicity and/or to achieve a political goal.
Integrated process which comprises a clear definition of policies and procedures, review processes and reporting in order to ensure the quality of life.
The potential that adverse publicity regarding a bank’s business practices, whether accurate or not, will cause a loss of confidence in the integrity of the institution.
The risk of direct or indirect loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes, people and systems or from external events.
The possibility that lawsuits, adverse judgments or contracts that turn out to be unenforceable can disrupt or adversely affect the operations or condition of a bank.

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