Harry Potter Spells, Charms, Hexes and Curses

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Can you name the Incantation for these Harry Potter Spells, Charms and Curses?

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What the Spell, Charm, Hex Or Curse DoesThe Incantation
Repells Boggarts
A Charm Put On A Door Making It Impossible To Eavesdrop (Except Unless You Have Extendable Ears)
Blasts Away Target Object
Turns Object Into Portkey
Lights The Tip Of Your Wand
Unlocks A Door
Produces A Snake From The Tip Of Your Wand
Sets Something On Fire
Amplifies Targets Voice
Frees Target From Dangling From Their Ankle
Disarms Target
Repells Water, Makes Something Waterproof
Causes Chosen Objects To Levitate, And Objects Name Has To Be Said After The Spell, For Instance: ______ Trunk
Fills The Surrounding Area With An Unidentifiable Buzzing Noise
Makes Targets Voice Softer
Normally Used To Cut Something Open
Binds Target's Body Together
Conjures Dark Mark
Tortures Target
Puts Out The Tip Of Your Wand
Makes Target's Teeth Grow Rapidly
Heals Damage On Target's Body
Creates A Splint Of Bandages, A Temporary Fix For A Injured Or Broken Limb
Causes Wand To Regurgitate An Echo Of Spells It Has Performed In Reverse
Perpetual Tickling Charm
What the Spell, Charm, Hex Or Curse DoesThe Incantation
Makes Something Levitate
Causes Ugly Boils To Break Out On Your Face (Hmmmmm Marietta Edgecombe Anyone?)
Makes Echo Vanish From The Spell That Regurgitates An Echo Of Spells It Has Performed In Reverse
Normally Used To Cut The Target Open
Summoning Charm
'Wakes' Someone Up From Being Stunned Etc.
Makes Object Grow
Slows Something Down
Produces Water From Your Wand
Makes Object Shrink
Confuses Target
Marks Doors With A Big, Fiery X
Gives Control Over Target
Fends Off Dementors
Produces A Flock Of Birds From The Tip Of Your Wand
Wraps Ropes Very Violently Around Target
Kills Target
Locks Targets Legs Together
The Memory Charm
Can Lock Doors Or Things That Can Be Locked
Puts A Shield Around You To Protect You From Minor Spells
Makes Wand Point North
Glues Targets Tounge To The Roofs Of Their Mouths
Stuns Target
Makes Target Dangle By The Ankle

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