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OwnerPet's NameSpecies
Argus FilchCat
Albus DumbledorePhoenix
Rubeus HagridThestral
Hermione GrangerCat/Kneazle
Mrs. FiggCat
Marge DursleyDog
Malfoy Family House Elf
Weasley FamilyOwl
Lavender BrownRabbit
OwnerPet's NameSpecies
Neville LongbottomToad
Ginny WeasleyPygmy Puff
Ron WeasleyOwl
Hepzibah SmithHouse Elf
Rubeus Hagrid3-Headed Dog/Cerberus
Rubeus HagridHippogriff
Bartemius Crouch Sr.House Elf
Mrs. FiggCat
OwnerPet's NameSpecies
Rubeus HagridAcromantula
Weasley FamilyRat
Black FamilyHouse Elf
Percy WeasleyOwl
Rubeus HagridDog
Mrs. FiggCat
Harry PotterOwl
Mrs. FiggCat
Rubeus HagridDragon

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