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Presidential EquationNumeric/Presidential Solution Numeric Equation
Madison to the John Adamsth Power
William Henry Harrison + Harding
Clinton - Washington
Jefferson + Jackson x Jefferson - Jefferson + Jackson - Jefferson / Jefferson + Jackson
Van Buren + Coolidge + John Adams
Jefferson + Jefferson x (Jefferson + Jefferson) - Jefferson x Jefferson - Jefferson to the John Adamsth Power
Tyler - Jackson + John Adams
Pierce + Taft - Theodore Roosevelt
Cleveland (2nd term) - Pierce
John Quincy Adams + Fillmore x Jefferson - Washington
McKinley - Buchanan + Fillmore
John Adams x Taylor - Monroe x Jefferson
Suare Root of: [Lyndon Johnson] + John Adams x (Washington + Monroe)
Hoover + Madison x Jefferson
Lincoln / Madison
Square Root of: [Arthur x John Quincy Adams + Grant]
Andrew Johnson + JFK / Jackson + Jefferson
FDR + Truman - Jefferson x Washington - Garfield x John Adams
Kennedy - Eisenhower
Square Root of: [Jackson + Madison x Monroe + William Henry Harrison]

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