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Can you name the Design on the United States Pennies?

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1856-1858 Obverse DesignAn 1856 in a very high grade may be worth 19 - 22 THOUSAND Dollars
1856-1858 Reverse
1859-1909 Obverse Design
1859-1909 Obverse Design- What is inscripted on the CrownEasy to see in a high condition
1859-1909 Reverse
1909- Obverse DesignFirst Coin depicting a real person
1909- Obverse- On the very topFirst Cent with the motto
1909- Obverse- To the left of Lincoln
1909- Obverse- To the right of Lincoln (on top)
1909- Obverse- To the right of Lincoln (on bottom)San Francisco produced real low mintage of these early coins
1918- Obverse- On his shoulders
1909-1958 Reverse Design
1909 Reverse- at the very bottom very smallOnly produced half a year or so; One of these is the lowest mintage of 484,000
1959-2008 Reverse Design
1959-2008 Reverse- On the very top
1959-2008 Reverse- Right above the designMeans 'Out of many, one'
1959-2008 Reverse- Right below the design
2009 Reverse- (Birth and Childhood) Design
2009 Reverse- (Formative Years) DesignIndiana as a Rail Splitter
2009 Reverse- (Professional Life) DesignIllinois
2009 Reverse- (Presidency) Design
2009 Reverse- (What is on all of them ABOVE the design)
2009 Reverse- (What is on all of them HALF WAY AND DOWN the design)Remember the 'Extra' on number 15???
2009 Reverse- (What is on all of them on the design)[HINT: IT WAS ON THE PENNY FOR OVER 150 YEARS!]
2009 Reverse- (Birth and Childhood) Design- WHAT IS IT INSCRIPTED THERE THAT IS UNIQUE[HINT: It's a year]
2010- Reverse Design
2010- Reverse- Right above the design
2010- Reverse- In the Banner
On top, (INSIDE) of the design
Main Composition of Pennies Struck for MOST wheat pennies and from 1959-1982
Main Composition of Pennies1943
Main Composition of Pennies1982-

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