Name That Part: Home Alone 1, 2, 3 or 4

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Can you name the part: 1, 2, 3 or 4 by what the hint says?

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CluePart (Number)
Kevin lives in a 'Smart House'
Florida, Palm Trees, a 'Tropical Climate'
Show's a part of Hong Kong
Kevin gets chased by a policeman
The Sticky Bandits
The Royal Family
The robbers try to get a remote control car
Kevin Visits Santa Clause
The police doesn't believe in the child's story
The father almost walks out of the house in his underwear
Kevin 'tr[ied] to protect [the house]' by flooding it!!!
Kevin listens to an orchestra playing 'O Come All Ye Faithful'
CluePart (Number)
Takes place in one of the 'biggest cities in the world'
Paris, France
The Pet Tarantula
Old Man Marley
Marv has a girlfriend/wife
A Butler and A Maid
One with hardly any snow
Four Bad Guys
The only one that takes place in January
Kevin 'committed a credit card fraud'
Kevin Listens to the Church Choir

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