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Spanish Verb (Plus Person)Future TenseEnglish
Hablar (yo)To speak
Vivir (ellos)To live
Beber (Nosotros)To drink
Estudiar (Vosotros)To study
Llevar (usted)To dress
Dar (Tu)To give
Reconocer (Ella)To recognise
Ver (Yo)To see
Ser (Nosotros)To be
Estar (tu)To be
Bajar (El)To go down
Comer (Vosotros)To eat
Cantar (Ustedes)To sing
Volver (Tu)To return
escribir (nosotros)to write
Spanish Verb (Plus Person)Future TenseEnglish
Creer (Tu)To believe
Leer (Yo)To read
Pensar (Nosotras)To think
Dormir (Ella)To sleep
Lavar (Ellos)To wash
Decir (Yo)To say
Haber (Tu)To have to
Hacer (El)To do
Poner (Nosotros)To put
Poder (Vosotros)To be able to
Querer (Ellos)To want
Saber (Yo)To know
Salir (Tu)To go out
Tener (Ella)To have
Venir (Nosotros)To come

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