Famous people - surnames starting with 'D'

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Can you name the famous people whose last names begin with a 'D'?

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CluePersonDates of this person
This distinctive American singer-songwriter has been a major figure in music for five decades.1941-
She twice won the Academy Award for Best Actress.1908-1989
This fine Victorian novelist wrote 'Oliver Twist' and 'David Copperfield'.1812-1870
This suffragette is noted for being trampled to death by the king's horse.1872-1913
This is a famous blues and rock and roll man.1928-2008
This Faye is a well-known American actress who starred in 'Chinatwon'.1941-
This English naturalist changed the world.1809-1882
This British Prime Minister was William Gladstone's arch-enemy.1804-1881
CluePersonDates of this person
This bizarre, moustached Spanish artist is famous for his melting clocks.1904-1989
She's played everything from Queen Victoria to 'M'.1934-
This American actor starred in 'Titanic'.1974-
This beloved author wrote 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'.1916-1990
This person is a Canadian singer and is connected with our 11th person.1968-
He starred in 'Spartacus' and '20000 Leagues Under the Sea'.1916-
This English footballer shares his surname with a novelist.1982-

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