Famous people - surnames starting with 'B'

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Can you name the famous people whose surnames start with a 'B'?

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CluePersonDates of this person
In the 1970s, there was nothing quite like this singer.1947-
This brilliantly successful actor starred in 'The Godfather' and 'On the Waterfront'.1924–2004
He had a pet poodle - The House of Lords.1848-1930
Triumphing over her sisters, 'Jane Eyre' is her masterpiece.1816-1855
He was a Venezuelan military and political leader. 1783-1830
This Welsh actor was married to Elizabeth Taylor.1925-1984
He was an English philosopher, scientist, lawyer, and author.1561-1626
This Hollywood actress made frequent appearences with Bogart.1924-
This French gentleman is a successful chef.1949-
He is the finest engineer that the world has ever known.1806-1859
CluePersonDates of this person
This Englishman was one of the greatest poets and painters.1757-1827
She is the wife of the 41st President of the United States.1925-
Here lies an Ameican singer, 'The Godfather of Soul'.1933-2006
She is a musician, known for 'Wuthering Heights'.1958-
This English photographer was prominent in the 1960's.1938-
This Italian artist is best known for his work, 'The Birth of Venus'.c.1445-1510
She is a barrister and is married to a former Prime Minister.1954-
He was Archbishop of Canterbury from 1162 until his murder in 1170.1118-1170
This legendary Spanish professional golfer suffered from a brain tumour.1957-

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