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distance a number is from zero on the number line
solutions derived from an original equation that are not solutions of the original
difference between a desired measurement and its minimum and macimum allowable values
this measures the likelihood of an event occuring
this probability is based on experiments
the set of input values or the x-coordinates of ordered pairs
set of the output values or the y-coordinates of ordered pair
a function whose graph is a line
the point where a line intersects the x-axis
the point where a line intersects the y-axis
slope intercept form
standard form
these lines have the same slope
these lines have slopes that are opposite reciprocals of each other
the equation representing the quantity to b minimized or maximized in linear programming
the solution region of the inequalities in linear programming
identifies the minimum and/or maxiumum of a quantity
is (2,6), (5,7), (8,9), (2,4) a function?
what is the range of (8,7), (6,2), (15,18), (20,11), (0,0), (1,4)?
what type of lines are y=2x+8 and y=2x+4

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