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Year and RoleMovie Title
2008 Emil Blonsky [Hulk Smash!]
2007 Dominic [Movie Without Viewers]
2007 George Farber [Better in German the first time]
2003 Oliver Cromwell [Rupert Everett as Charles I!?]
2004 Mitch Paine [John Sayles directed]
2001 Febre, the man in black [with Catherine Deneuve]
2001 Herschel Steinscheinder aka Eric Jan Hanussen [a Werner Herzog joint!]
2001 Thade [Dr Zaius, Dr Zaius!]
2000 Gig [Travolta and Kudrow in a Nora Ephron TURD]
2000 Marquis de Lauzun [Oscar Nominated for Best Art Direction]
1997 James Walter Wayland [Lie to Me! Get it?]
1997 Dutch Schultz [There's a de-sacked testicle in this movie]
1997 Alexander 'Stretch' Rawland [Excellent dramedy with Tupac]
Year and RoleMovie Title
1996 Charles Ferry [Woody Allen musical!]
1995 Ted the Bellhop [Tarantino take 3]
1995 Archibald Cunningham ['I thought him a girl at the moment of entry.']
1994 Philip Chaney [With Julia Ormond! We like her.]
1994 Joshua Shapira [with Edward Furlong]
1994 Pumpkin-Ringo [Tarantino take 2]
1993 Nick [with Eric Stoltz and Bridget Fonda. There's some dated casting.]
1992 Mr Orange [Tarantino take 1]
1990 Guildenstern [with Gary Oldman!]
1990 Vincent van Gogh [a Robert Altman joint![
1989 Mitchel [a Peter Greenaway (pretentious) joint!]
1984 Myron [Stephen Frears early break-out role for Tim]

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