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SentenceWordsNumber of Letters
The runner ____ ____ year's race4
The poker player wanted to ___ ___ he was out of money3
How often do the passengers on a cruise _____ _____ for bargains at local stores when they're at port?4
The orchestra had a _____ _____ section6
Ship hands raising a ____ ____ know exactly what they're doing.4
Do people in ____ ____ longer?4
The _____ ____ ran out of town before the mental hospital even knew.5
It's hard to watch sailors at a ____ ____ ways with their wife4
Is there a handyman I can ____ ____ in the neighborhood?4
They watched their ___ ___ a hole in the backyard.3
SentenceWordsNumber of Letters
Prospectors looking for gold ___ ___ scattered in this area3
People who like to ____ ____ for all kinds of excuses to justify their complaining5
Coffee drinkers don't expect a _____ _____5
After ____ ____ at the Emmy's, Mr. Lee walked off with his award5
Did Mrs. O'Leary's cow really make the ____ ____ and start the Chicago fire?4
Elite is among the words that begin ___ ___ with the same vowel3
Would a _____ _____ out for a small aircraft while flying?5
The ____ ____ produce water only as clean as the river that feeds it.4
The restaurant bandits liked to ___ ___ joints3
After a vampire ___ ___ me, I needed rabies shots3

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