Women in the Old Testament

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Can you name the women in the old Testament?

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Second wife of Abraham
Mother of Samuel, the last judge of Israel
Mother of Perez and Zerah
Second wife of Jacob
Moabite woman and David's great grandmother
Philistine woman who cut Samson's hair
Sister of Moses and Aaron
Wife of Nabal then of King David
Daughter of Saul and Wife of King David
Queen of Persia who refused the company of King Xerxes
Mother of King Solomon and Wife of King David
Mother of Moses
First woman, mother and wife
Wife of Isaac
First wife of Jacob
Queen of Persia, Saved Jewish Nation from destruction
Mother of Ishmael
Only daughter of Jacob
Wife of Aaron
Evil Queen married to King Ahab
Only Woman Judge of Israel
Hid two hebrew spies, later became human ancestor of Jesus Christ
First Matriarch, wife of Abraham

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