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QuoteMissing WordEpisode
___ have feet.Pilot
We are gonna take this and put it in a ____ for crazy people.Spanish 101
Why are you dressed like an __ ____?Introduction to Film
That is the stain of a teardrop over the word '___'Social Psychology
Hey! _____ is not on trial!Advanced Criminal Law
That's a falcon with a gun. Now it's a falcon with an _____.Football, Feminism, and You
Pierce, stop grinding on the ___ ____ ____. Introduction to Statistics
Jeff, did I say anything in my sleep about ___ ___ ___ ___ ____?Home Economics
Who am I? ____?Debate 109
WHO PUTS _____ IN WATER?Environmental Science
Can you ever really own a ____?The Politics of Human Sexuality
Rumor has it that non-denominational ___ ___ is on his way to the student lounge!Comparative Religion
I hope you've got an army of ____ because I've got the scoop!Investigative Journalism
I am spending a lot of money on ____ ____.Interpretive Dance
And ___ ____ just stood there... just stood there and watched him die...Romantic Expressionism
I'm sorry. Abed just made a ___ face.Communication Studies
A different version of me. I think it was a ____.Physical Education
Disappointing you is like choking __ ___ ___ with a bike chain.Basic Genealogy
I might be able to reach it. It landed on that Hyundai. I mean ___ ____.Beginner Pottery
It's not a ____. It's a cookie wand.The Science of Illusion
It's an animal that looks like a ____. Why don't I have ten of them?Contemporary American Poultry
'You said I have a crafty ___ ____' 'Nobody knows how to take a compliment anymore!'The Art of Discourse
Woah there, ___ ___.Modern Warfare
Did you you just say ____? Or did you just pronounce guitar like a hillbilly?English as a Second Language
We're just gonna call it the ___ dance!Pascal's Triangle Revisited
QuoteMissing WordEpisode
We're like Batman and ___!Anthropology 101
She's a stripper. Life ___ her and she lost.Accounting for Lawyers
I need to use my ___ ___ to prevent Chang from getting food.The Psychology of Letting Go
Those aren't ____.Basic Rocket Science
Come on, ___ ___! Some of us have work in the morning!Messianic Myths and Ancient Peoples
You punched a lady ___!Epidemiology
Why name your daughter Megan? Are you stocking up for a ___ ____?Aerodynamics of Gender
So I see it a lot like the movie ___ ___, only more boring and fancy!Cooperative Calligraphy
Would that this ___ were a time ___!Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design
I broke my legs, not my ____.Mixology Certification
Its atmosphere is 7% ___.Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas
'I spell kettle corn with a __ __!' 'Well don't.'Asian Population Studies
He sent her an ____. What are we gonna do?Celebrity Pharmacology 212
My name... was.... ____.Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
In England, everything means ____.Early 21st Century Romanticism
SET PHASERS TO __ ___!_Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking
It's like God ____ a person.Into to Political Science
Parental rights? You're ____ me?!?!Custody Law and Eastern European Diplomacy
It's hot, and my balls are touching a ____.Critical Film Studies
I wasn't so much 'molested' as I '__ __ __.'Competitive Wine Tasting
It's a locomotive that runs on ___.Paradigms Of Human Memory
I don't want the baby's first memory to be _____!Applied Anthropology
That's a rash. I'm allergic to ___.A Fistful of Paintballs
Denny's is for ____.For A Few Paintballs More
You are the opposite of ____.Biology 101

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