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Can you name the famous people of the Old Testament?

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Thrown in pit by brothers
His fat covered his death-bringing device
His wife tried to seduce Joseph
Beastly man with long hair
Saw a burning bush
Hid forbidden loot and lied about it
Wisest man ever
Hid Israelite spies
Name means 'Red'
God's first human creation
Married a kinsman-redeemer
Became queen of Persia
Married a known prostitute
Last book of OT was name after him
Granted 14 years of extra life
Famous ForAnswer
Was called 'Baldy' by young men
Impregnated his daughters
He 'knew' 1000+ women
The Edomites descended from him
The first murderer
Left-handed judge
Brought to king David's bed to warm him
Taken to heaven in a chariot
Name means 'White'
'Fired' three men but saw four
Talked to an ass
Led Israel into the Promised Land
Spilled his semen
Longest life ever
Bathed on a her roof

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