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Can you name the famous people of the Old Testament?

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Taken to heaven in a chariot
'Fired' three men but saw four
Name means 'White'
Wisest man ever
Thrown in pit by brothers
Led Israel into the Promised Land
God's first human creation
Beastly man with long hair
Granted 14 years of extra life
The first murderer
Spilled his semen
Last book of OT was name after him
Name means 'Red'
His wife tried to seduce Joseph
Married a known prostitute
Famous ForAnswer
Bathed on a her roof
Brought to king David's bed to warm him
Impregnated his daughters
Married a kinsman-redeemer
Hid Israelite spies
Saw a burning bush
Left-handed judge
Talked to an ass
He 'knew' 1000+ women
Was called 'Baldy' by young men
The Edomites descended from him
Became queen of Persia
Hid forbidden loot and lied about it
Longest life ever
His fat covered his death-bringing device

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