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ClueNameFull name
A. Headmaster of Hogwarts (first name)
B. Voldy's most faithful Death Eater (first name)
C. Harry's first girlfriend (first name)
D. Seamus's best friend (first name)
E. The Sneak (last name)
F. Minister for Magic (last name)
G. Second DADA teacher (first name)
H. Hufflepuff's cup was in her possession (first name)
I. Brother who receives the Cloak from Death (first name)
J. Harry's dad (first name)
K. Nickname on Potterwatch: 'Royal' (first name)
L. Draco's dad (first name)
M. Ghost who haunts the girls bathroom
ClueNameFull name
N. He nearly doesn't have a head
O. British wand maker (last name)
P. Most pompous of the Weasley children (first name)
Q. Had Lord Voldemort sticking out the back of his head (Last name)
R. Half giant gamekeeper at Hogwarts (first name)
S. Potions Master (first name)
T. Nymphadora's dad (first name)
U. Toad-like evil DADA teacher (last name)
V. Arithmancy teacher (Last name)
W. Barty Crouch's house elf
X. Quibbler editor (first name)
Y. One of the Death Eaters (last name)
Z. One of Draco's friends (last name)

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