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DefinitionWordEnding Letter
Curved yellow fruitA
A short tree with a freakishly thick trunk that can live to a very old ageB
Denoting projectiles or their flight patternsC
A large sign or a music magazineD
A container of glass or plastic, usually with a narrow neckE
In 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...F
An Australian stick that keeps coming back to youG
Any gilled animal that is able to inflate itself when alarmedH
A heartwarming Disney movie about a deerI
An abbreviation for first names of people such as Franklin, Button, or AffleckJ
A rectangular block used for building, normally made with dried clayK
A sport involving hoops and keysL
Neville Long______M
An evil spirit that frightens children or the antagonist of Rise of the GuardiansN
A Mexican dish, normally consisting of beans, rice, and other ingredients wrapped in a tortillaO
Chess pieceP
A fun get-together where food is cooked outside on a grill (abbr.)Q
A baseball position or cake mixR
Archipelagic country in the Atlantic, not the CaribbeanS
An American cookie in the UKT
A chest with drawers or a business officeU
A General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union from '64-'82 (surname)V
A loud roarW
Annoyed people tell you to mind your ownX
Those annoying little things that keep crying on planesY
A Sporcle quiz that gives you a very short time limit to answer a lot of questionsZ

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