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What is 'Vegetable Lasagna's' real name?
Who is Kramer's friend whom nobody has met?
What book is over-due from the library?
Henry Atkins (Postmaster) is inconvenienced when meeting Kramer because he had to leave his....
Mr. Peterman temporarily leaves his job to go where?
Kramer takes cough medicine that was originally for....
Elaine's boyfriend, Jake Jarmel, got his glasses from where?
Who gave Kramer bad advice on the Sue Ellen Mischke trial?
What is Kramer's mother's name?
Who gives George a massage?
What is Jerry's name for the mohel?
What is the judge's name at the final trial?
Who is Jerry's tennis pro that offers him his wife?
Jerry is dumped by a model for doing what?
Kramer falls in love with which of Jerry's girlfriends?
Who is the man that falls in love with Elaine on the subway after receiving a TV Guide?
What is the 'Soup Nazi's' real name?
Jerry could have been the first.....
Who is the cashier at Monk's?
What song does Elaine guess correctly on the radio show?
When writing, Elaine uses too many of these....
Who takes off their pants to keep the crease perfect?
Who breaks into the Seinfeld house?
Elaine's boyfriend is put in an emotional trance when hearing what song?
Who is the man wearing the cape?
Ramon has what profession?
Who does Kramer 'rescue' from the hospital?
Who is bazaaro Newman?
At the car dealership, a mechanic eats George's.....
After eating broccoli, Newman takes a shot of.....
Who does George and Kramer think double-parked them?
Elaine pretends to be uncle Leo's nurse named...
What brand of golf ball does Kramer lose?
Nobody beats the....
George gets in trouble with which gang?
What is bazaaro Monk's?
One could once buy a Hershey bar for.....
It's common courtesy when entering a house to....
George beats the 'Bubble Boy' in trivial pursuit because of a misprint that reads....
What 'Miss America' does Jerry date?
At the hospital, Jerry learns a trick on his....
Who is the Chinese food delivery guy?

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